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Digital Shift

And Your Business Transformation

How would it feel if your digital transformation generated first-rate results? If your company delivered ever increasing value for delighted customers in profitable markets?

In 2018, German companies invested approximately 36 billion euros in digital transformation initiatives.

What was the result?

Successful transformations represent 3% of initiatives. Another 11% achieved at least a few improvements. And 86% of transformations remain on a multi-year-journey of non-results or even incur damage, according to McKinsey experts.

McKinsey Survey April 2019

In other words: In 2018 alone, 31 billion euros of German investment in digital transformations have generated nothing but hard learnings plus a drift to lower performance.

How did this happen?

Companies fall into two traps

The Classic Change Trap

Agility is “rolled-out” in the form of new methods, roles and tools. Too little is done to adapt agility to various business contexts. No one identifies which work streams benefit from agility and which ones run better with traditional process models. Often, customizing a hybrid agile approach is the best way forward.

Another common issue is that leaders are not showcasing agility in their own work. The workforce is hardly motivated to invest time and energy on improving the organization and reacts with the usual inertia and quiet resistance.

The Agile Guru Trap

Over-ambitious agile experts are driving at a form of agility that is too distant from current reality and furthermore shows no respect for the organisation’s history, values and strengths. Teams might experience a flare of performance improvement but are quickly relapsing into the old ways of doing things. Often nudged back by managers who don’t feel comfortable with agility and find comfort in solving problems in their “proven way”.



About 66% of employees are disengaged according to a recognised Gallup survey. This means, people do only what they are instructed, working down long lists of tasks in a short-sighted manner, not voluntarily caring about strategy and goals of the organisation.

Imagine what happens when your already engaged people get enthusiastic about agile? And what would be the outcome of just 10% of your employees joining the engagement party?

The added value generated is enormous.

What happens when Agility is applied properly

Companies who are using Agility in a suitable way are setting examples.

Shall this become your reality? When do you want to set standards in dynamic markets?



Imagine someone helping you quickly identify the critical fire scenes of your transformation and extinguishing the flames for you. Rapidly improving performance KPIs to a decent level so that you and your stakeholders feel relief.

Additionally, imagine your people being able to achieve such results without outside help and continually and tangibly improving everything further?

I am Hartmut Goetze and I can help you to achieve all this because I have been deeply involved in agile ways of working since 1998.

Hartmut Goetze
Advisor • Coach

Hartmut Goetze - Catalyst & Coach

I admit that over the years, I have committed most of the transformation mistakes myself, and it is precisely this knowledge gained from hard experience that allows me to guide you around the stumbling blocks.

And what is more, I can show you a way of working with what you have, building on the strengths and culture of your company, respecting your current structures, processes, roles and titles, which creates more engagement and buy-in than the usual transformation approaches.

Do you want to learn how to do this?

I invite you to a free strategy session where you gain clarity about where you are now, where you want to be and what your possibilities are. Furthermore, you will see clearly which agile or hybrid approaches are good for you and what your next logical steps are.

You will understand your organization’s readiness to succeed in dynamic environments.

Click here to arrange your free strategy session with Hartmut via email to: hartmut.goetze@email.de

Every organisation is unique and there is no cookie-cutter solution. I continue to learn new aspects from each person and look forward to talking with you.